Top Driver Italia: with only €.63,50 try to become the champion of tomorrow

A minimum investment: only €.63.50. An exclusive chance: one test on track driving a Formula 3 car. A certainty: a test with a sophisticated driving simulator at the Coloni Motorsport, ex team of Formula 1, in Passignano sul Trasimeno (Perugia-Italy). This in short is the initiative devised by Enzo and Paolo Coloni named “Top Driver Italia 2018”. To drive a racing car for the majority of people remains a dream closed in a drawer. With this idea, no longer and with a minimum cost. In absolute safety everyone can try their hand at steering wheel of a powerful and sophisticated single-seater. At their disposal a test about of 25 minutes with a professional and dynamic simulator based on a chassis of a singleseater Auto GP, able to simulate also other racing cars. The device has actuators and forceback able to transmit a perfect realistic driving sensations. At the end of all the tests with the simulator will be drawn up a ranking and the best driver will pass from virtual reality to the track: he will have in fact the opportunity to win a free test behind the wheel of a Formula 3 on the Magione circuit, or other track to designate in case. If the winner will be a minor, the test will take place on a Formula 4. In occasion of the test will be awarded three categories: under 18, female and absolute. In addition, the event will be followed on Internet as a real talent show thanks to a Live TV with interviews of the participants and reports at the end of each day of testing. In fact, demonstrated how the virtual skill at the simulator almost always turns into real skill at the wheel, Car Companies often collaborate with video game companies to find the champions of tomorrow. The minimum age of participation is 13 years. The subscriptions will close on September 30th 2018. The simulator tests will be held from mid-October2018. Ended the simulator tests will be proclaimed the winner who will win a test on track with a Formula 3. To participate you must fill the form downloadable from the official site www.topdriveritalia.com. Registrations to be valid must be confirmed with payment by credit card or PayPal of €.63,50 (Vat and PayPal Taxes includeed). Those admitted to the test with the simulator will be notified with an e-mail within two weeks of the end of the registration.

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