Double win for Dörrbecker at Adria, in front of Sa Silva and Raghunathan

Second consecutive win for Michael Dörrbecker (Torino Squadra Corse) at Adria in Race 2 of Auto GP Formula Open, the championship organized by Enzo Coloni with Pirelli as official tires. The Mexican living in Germany, 23, is started again in pole position and remained in the lead from start to finish of the 23 laps race. Two drivers catched Dörrbecker without achieve him: the Angolan Luis Sa Silva (Zele Racing) and the Indian Mahaveer Raghunathan (PS Racing), which in the night was replaced on grounds of prudence the engine. The first, in particular, had a physical decline that did not allow him to attack the leader. Eventually the two drivers are finished about 10 seconds behind the winner. Just off the podium the couple of Hungarian drivers Zoltan (uncle) and Dominik (grandson) Fekete, both entered from Zele Racing. Armando Mangini (MM International Motorsport) finished in sixth place with the only F3000 on track. The Tuscan veteran had to start from the pits, after problems in the entrance to the track. Not started Salvatore De Plano (PS Racing) who had technical problems cannot be resolved on the track. In ranking Dörrbecker is the leader with 20 points ahead of Raghunathan and 24 on Sa Silva.

Dörrbecker won also race 2 at Adria: "My compliments to the team and my engineer, who gave me a perfect car. Starting with Sa Silva behind, I had to push right away and strong. My car has allowed me to take a good margin and so came also my second win in a row. "

Race 2:
1. Michael Dörrbecker (GER / MEX) Torino Squadra Corse, 23 laps in 26'44 "668
2. Luis Sa Silva (ANG) Zele Racing 8"985
3. Mahaveer Raghunathan (IND) PS Racing 9 "920
4. Zoltan Fekete (HUN) Zele Racing 1'00 "114
5. Dominik Fekete (HUN) Zele Racing, 1 lap
6. Armando Mangini (ITA) MM International Motorsport 2 laps
N.S.:Salvatore De Plano (ITA) PS Racing
Fastest lap: Dörrbecker in 1'08 "685 average 141.62 km/h

Drivers after Race 2:
1. Dörrbecker 53; 2. Raghunathan 33; 3. Sa Silva 29; 4. Dominik Fekete 25; 5. Zoltan Fekete and Mangini 20
Team after Race 2
1. Zele Racing 54; 2. Turin Squadra Corse 53; 3.PS Racing 33; 4. MM International Motorsport 20

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