Dörrbecker, at Adria, is the first poleman of 2016

Michael Dörrbecker is the first poleman of the 2016 season of Auto GP Formula Open. On the track of Adria, the German pilot of Mexican descent is the fastest in 1'07 "862, lowering in qualifying by almost 2" the fastest time in free practice. Behind him was placed for the Zele Racing team the Angolan Luis Sa Silva (1'08"282), detached from the leader of 420 milliseconds. Third time for Mahaveer Raghunathan, who had set the fastest lap time in free practice. The Indian of the PS Racing team, with some engine trouble, turned on the Venetian track in 1'08 "585, 723 milliseconds from the top. More detached finished qualifying Zoltan and Dominik Fekete, the two Hungarians entered by Michael Zele. Sixth time for Mangini, single driver with a F.3000. Unlucky Salvatore De Plano (PS Racing), who missed qualifying for trouble with the clutch. Race 1 today Saturday at 19:30 (25 minutes + 1 lap). Race 2 on Sunday at 11.00 (25 minutes + 1 lap).

Dörrbecker after qualifying "The track is much better than yesterday, and with new tires also the times are obviously better. During the race it will be difficult to overtake on this track like Monte-Carlo. We have reached the first goal. Now, in the races, I will have to keep up with the others. "


1. Michael Dörrbecker (GER / MEX) Turin Squadra Corse 1'07 "862
2. Luis Sa Silva (ANG) Zele Racing 1'08 "282
3. Mahaveer Raghunathan (IND) PS Racing 1'08 "585
4. Zoltan Fekete (HUN) Zele Racing 1'11 "562
5. Dominik Fekete (HUN) Zele Racing 1'12 "953
6. Armando Mangini (ITA) MM International Motorsport 1'14 "408
7. Salvatore De Plano (ITA) PS Racing (no time)

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