Auto GP adopts F1-style qualifying sessions

Motorsports have always been a proving ground in terms of innovation and progress, and Auto GP is definitely a benchmark in that. Last year, the upgrade kit for the cars has been particularly innovative. With a low price it allowed the cars to get close to the times set by cars from championships requiring much higher budgets. And the innovation will continue on the sporting side for 2014 with a new format for qualifying.

The previous 30-minute session will be replaced by two knockout segments, that will respectively last 20 and 10 minutes. At the end of the Q1 session, the top-10 drivers will advance to the Q2, where they will battle for the pole setting the first five rows of the grid for Race 1. No changes will come for Race 2 with the grid featuring the top-8 finishers of Race 1 in reversed positions.

Enzo Coloni
“We wanted to add this innovation to keep the pace with the changes introduced in the last few years in Formula 1. This new format splits qualifying in more than one session. The drivers will face each other directly and they will also have to manage their emotive approach. On the other hand, the Auto GP prize money program has already been announced, with the series being the only high-level competition to award money to its best drivers in every round”.

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