FA1 x 2 seater: here is the new two-seater (330 km/h) made by Coloni Motorsport

Coloni Motorsport has a new exclusive two-seater car, called "FA1 x 2 seater". The car is derived from an A1 GP single seater, with a modified carbon... continua

Boss GP: Raghunathan on Auto GP of Coloni Motorsport wins Formula Class 2017 in Imola

Happy end for the adventure of Coloni Mototorsport in the Boss GP Championship in Imola, seventh and final round of the season. On the Enzo and Dino... continua

Boss GP Brno: Raghunathan (Coloni Motorsport) 3rd in race-1 and 3rd in the championship

On the Brno circuit on September 10, took place the sixth round of the Boss GP championship. Mahaveer Raghuthan, at the wheel of an Auto GP prepared... continua

Raghunathan leader of the Boss GP (Formula class) with the Auto GP of Coloni Motorsport

Mahaver Raghunathan (PS Racing) with the Auto GP of Coloni Motorsport is the new leader of the Boss GP Championship, Formula class. On the Zolder... continua

Carbon brakes on Auto GP cars

The Auto GP, a Lola single seater car with a 550 hp Gibson Technology engine, can now also mount Brembo's carbon brakes. There are obvious... continua